Property Management Services

We can provide a basic rental service or a complete property management service or a combination of both.


List your property on our website, college websites, classifieds and display a sign on your property.

Arrange Showings

We accompany potential students to view property including evenings and weekends.

Prepare Lease Agreements

Prepare a suitable tenancy agreement, explain it to the tenant and get it signed.

Parental Guarantees

Obtain Parental Guarantees from the students.

Payments & Statements

Collect rent payments from students every month and provide statements


Arrange any necessary repairs or maintenance, with our list of approved contractors up to an agreed amount.

Handle Emergencies

We provide the students with both an office and mobile number, so that we are contactable 24 hours for all emergencies.

Additional Services

Monthly Inspections

Arrange monthly inspections of your property by a qualified contractor and report any problems to you.

House Inspections

Carry out house inspections at agreed intervals.

Safety Compliance

Advising on compliance safety regulations.

Legal Representation

Arranging legal representation and an appearance on your behalf.

Cleaning Work

Arrange move-in cleaning and trash removal.

Lawn Cutting

Arrange lawn cutting services.

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